The circle is complete - packaging web as a .exe

At work got a request to package a website for offline use. This time the time was very pressing and needed to be done in a few hours. I decided to test out node-webkit and see how it worked. And it works just fine! We tweaked the website to save it’s info to a WebSQL-db and then packaged a Mac-app and a Windows-app which just works!

It worked so good I decided to test how far I could take this. So I decided to build a VCR for the swedish public service. It’s a very simple proof of concept that runs in the packaged browser and uses ffmpeg to save a HLS-stream to the desktop. Since node-webkit uses nodejs you have all the npm-packages at hand, and there is very nifty little wrapper called fluent-ffmpeg that handles all the communication with ffmpeg. You can take a look at the code over on Github

And will we’re at it, you can also checkout AppJS, TideSDK or Awesomium=)

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