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  • The circle is complete - packaging web as a .exe

    At work got a request to package a website for offline use. This time the time was very pressing and needed to be done in a few hours. I decided to test out node-webkit and see how it worked. And it works just fine! We tweaked the website to save it’s info to a WebSQL-db and then packaged a Mac-app and a Windows-app which just works!

    It worked so good I decided to test how far I could take this. So I decided to build a VCR for the swedish public service. It’s a very simple proof of concept that runs in the packaged browser and uses ffmpeg to save a HLS-stream to the desktop. Since node-webkit uses nodejs you have all the npm-packages at hand, and there is very nifty little wrapper called fluent-ffmpeg that handles all the communication with ffmpeg. You can take a look at the code over on Github

    And will we’re at it, you can also checkout AppJS, TideSDK or Awesomium=)

  • The uninterrupted conversation

    To be able to have a conversation for more than five minutes is something that happens very seldom nowadays for me. Having two kids can have that effect. So to have the opportunity and privilege to have a conversation (or several) for two days straight is a luxury. And that is exactly what I have been doing for this past weekend.

    I love to talk to people, people with great knowledge in areas I don’t always fully grasp but none the less want to discuss. I’m an eager speaker but even more eager to learn from those knowing more. This is one the reasons I’ve been going to SSWC (Sweden Social Web Camp, an unconference on a remote island with 400+ web geeks) for the last few years. But even there where we as participants create the conference it’s hard to find time to actually talk to people, you know the kind of the talk where you iron everything out and elaborate until all is done. One of the reasons this is happening at SSWC is maybe because of it size, 400 people are a lot of people that generates wicked cool sessions, but at the end of the session the conversation ends and are seldom continued somewhere else, although you have the opportunity.

    So if you feel that your energy level is low and you need input from other people maybe you should gather a group of people that you know (or don’t know) and go to a remote island and just talk. As said, this is something I’ve been doing this past weekend and it was ..well.. just plain awesome. I can now meet the spring with more energy, a plethora of ideas and some new people to ask for advice when needed.

    If you wonder where to go I can without question recommend Arholma Nord, superb service and food, not too fancy-pansy and just ~2h away from the inner city of Stockholm.

  • Apple, the new Volkswagen?

    When Apple presented the new version of Ios (6 that is) I was deeply disappointed, it was almost identical with the previous version but with some minor adjustments. It was using same kind of app centric homesecreen, and they had thrown in some notification drawer a la Android. When Apple presented Iphone 5 I was even more disappointed, the phone was exactly what had been leaked and nothing more. It was a tad thinner (guess so when you remove a big sheet of glass), a bit lighter, a bit longer. Not revolutionary but just evolutionary. And boring.

    After the Iphone event we had a discussion at work regarding this and someone mentioned that Apple has become the new Volkswagen. Both companies have with good products (Iphone and Golf) defined a nice segment of the market and are leaders in that segment. With that comes the fear to do anything drastic that potentially can alienate the customers. So the fear becomes the driving force instead of the eager to innovate. And that is the first sign of a company gone bad, or going bad.

    Some pictures for comparison

    Golf MK6 (previous generation) vs Gold MK7 (current generation)

    Sideview of all generations of Golf

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