#djangosthlm - talking Django hosting

I’m sitting on yet another train from Stockholm back the good old industrial Västerås (or Bästerås as we call it (or Webbsterås;-)), me and my colleague Richard just attended the Django Stockholm meetup, hosted by Dynabyte. Awesome evening with awesome people, moar please=)

The first talk of the meetup was Henrik talking AND live coding while using South, really impressive that he almost completely pulled it off! Big kudos to Henrik=)

I myself did a small talk about all the different alternatives that exists for hosting a Django site in the year 2013. With a small intro to shared hosting we quickly moved on to DotCloud, Heroku, Gondor etc. We talked a bit about best practices and this best practices bit would maybe fit for a one day hackathon or something. To be able actually nail this.

My slides are not much to see since I mainly use them to show of my mad graphical skillz (I mean, WHO doesn’t want a magical pony and rainbows in their presentation). If you want, go ahead and take a look, the interesting part starts at the end, with all the links to better blogposts about hosting than this ;-)

Thanks again to Dynabyte and Frej Connolly for hosting events like this!

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