Barcampsthlm = awesome!

I’m sitting on the train on from an unconference called Barcamp, hosted by Thoughtbot and located in Stockholm. So Barcampsthlm it is. I’m just trying to gather my mind and all the impressions from the day.

The day for me started with a session with Rebecca Meritz about the psychology of computer programming. (from the book with the same name), a very interesting discussion based on some of the questions asked by the author at the end of each chapter. And to read questions from 1971 sets you in a different mindset of how programming would have been back then. Really good topic with lots of insights, would have loved to discussed this more with all you talented people.

Other sessions that were really interesting were for example:

  • The talk by the Neo4J-guy (Jakob Hansson) about running a company with 20 people in eight countries and five time zones. Really nice soultions with a common Google Hangout (with all the mics muted) and using Skype to chat with one or two. The Google Hangout gave everyone possibility to just unmute and ask for help/something.
  • The open data session with examples from Ottawa were awesome. Really interesting examples (that I can’t remember right now).

I also held a session, or two actually, one about reusing CommonJS modules in a HTML5 offline webapp, check out the source code! And a session about We Love Public Service, the API I have built on top of SVT Play.

Really awesome to be able to go on a small one day unconference and have everything fixed, venue, food, drinks, etc etc. Thanks all the sponsors, like Spotify, Fyndiq, Omnicloud (and more).

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